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    The research projects of multi-countries

    RIMBA corridor has been designated as a priority landscape in central Sumatra to connecting several conservation areas to preserve the habitat of native large mammals in central Sumatera. The landscape has been degraded by human activities for different land use purposes. This forum aims to gather an ideas for conduct research in this region. The RIMBA program is using Green Economy as an approach to achieve sustainable development in RIMBA corridor landscape.

    The total area of RIMBA corridor is about 3.8 million ha. The area is covering some part of Riau, JaMbi and Sumatera Barat (RIMBA) provinces. The research objective should be relevant with several topic below
    1. Green Economy (GE) institutional arrangement and capacity building
    2. Green spatial plan
    3. Ecosystem services mechanism
    4. Habitat restoration and connectivity forest corridor
    5. Better management practices on agricultural, forest management and responsible mining

    Please share your ideas or thought to develop research program in RIMBA corridor.

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